Long Term Goals

This page exists to try and remind myself on why I do the things I do. Sure, some of these are simply meant to be hobbies but a couple of them are actually things that I want to continue to grow in. So when times get tough, these are the reasons why you started this blog and why you should continue it.

In General

  • Because you wanted to feel better about yourself
  • Because you needed something to make you happy
  • Because you wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment through dedication, something you have literally never felt before because you have accomplished nothing at this point

Adventures in Japanese

  • Be able to understand the history of Japan through the culture of the language and to, hopefully in the future, join historical tours without the need to look for ones given by an English translator
  • Read manga raw because honestly that would be pretty fucking awesome and you know it. Think of all the raw manga you could just buy from Japan!
  • Watch anime without subtitles, not having to wait for somebody to translate it. Not to mention being able to watch things like news clips and such without problem!
  • Understand Japanese music. Time to time, I find songs that I really, really like and I would love to finally be able to listen without feeling distant from it. Not to mention character songs – because, come on.
  • Communicate with Japanese speaking people without feeling like a fool. To be able to have a legitimate conversation with someone without a language barrier to interfere would be fantastic! New friends!
  • Maybe work there someday. Who knows, the world works in mysterious ways but you know full well that you’re not happy where you’re at. Getting out to see the world was something you always wanted. Twiddling your thumbs at a 9-5 for the rest of your life was never something you wanted. You didn’t want security – you wanted adventure

Adventures in Writing

  • Because writing was always the biggest escape for you and you want that back
  • To finally be able to finish chapter stories
  • To be able to take an idea and just run with it – consequences be damned. Nobody wrote something great on the first try. Stop getting discouraged
  • To expand your vocabulary
  • To get a better grip on the English language
  • To bring your characters to life in the one media you feel you have a confident enough grip on to portray them the way you want

Adventures in Web Design

  • To finish the 23975631951 projects you already have going
  • To be able to make more one page shrines and tributes for the subjects that you truly love – new and old
  • Maybe learn some better design tricks along the way

Adventures in Reading

  • You used to be incapable of going five seconds without reading something to satisfy your craving to flex your imagination; you want that back more than anything else on this list
  • To brush the dust off that bookshelf you keep filling but never read from
  • Stop reading books halfway, setting them aside and then trying to re-read them again a year later only to found you have forgotten the story and have to start over. Rinse and repeat. Stop that.
  • To try out new authors and slip out of my comfort zone

Adventures in Drawing

  • To learn basic anatomy and such so that you can draw your own characters and draw the dumb headcanons and ship comics that you always want to when you inevitably fall into a new fandom and gain new relationships to love
  • To give a little TLC to the uncommon/rare ships

Adventures in Art & Crafts

  • To learn to use my sewing machine
  • So you can make clothes and such for your ball jointed dolls
  • Work on future cosplays/doll cosplays

Adventures in Video Gaming


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