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1japaneseAdventures in Japanesearchive

Since I was first exposed to the Japanese language through manga and anime, I became utterly fascinated with it. I found it to be such a beautiful language, something very cultural and rich in history. Being also a huge history buff, the idea of learning Japanese also holds many historical benefits for me. I feel I will be able to better understand and research the history of Japan by having an intimate knowledge of the language. As such, it is one of my goals to adventure into the world of Japanese!

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1writingAdventures in Writing ➠ archive

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a very deep and heavy investment in writing. I would write anything I could – from short stories to my many attempts at a novel. I love the process of making characters, creating entire worlds and then playing out their stories – for better or for worse. However, I have a nasty habit of not completing these tales and so my many worlds and characters are left to simply rot. As such, it is my goal to continue (and complete) my writing adventures!

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1webdesignAdventures in Web Design archive

I have been doing amateur web designing for nearly 15 years now. From when I started just fiddling with MS Paint and learning the basics of how to italicize and bold text, to now being able to code full pages for my personal websites, this is a hobby that has kept me going for a great many years. Although the subjects for my sites have been going through massive changes, it is my hope that I can dive back in and continue with my adventures in web design!

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1readingAdventures in Reading archive

I have always loved reading. I used to read anything I could get my hands on – shampoo bottles, food ingredients, posters in a doctor’s office, even the fine print on warning labels! As of late, however, I have come to the unsettling conclusion that I cannot remember the last time I finished a novel. Oh, sure, I read plenty of comics/manga and plan to continue so but I miss the life and breath that came from books you had to use your entire imagination on. As such, this will be my continuous adventure to not only find new novels to read and experience but to also complete the many that have either been gathering dust on my shelves from incompletion or still lack any cracks in their spines at all!

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1drawingAdventures in Drawing archive

This is still a fairly new idea to put into practice but I have always wished to be able to draw. I am not hoping for grand masterpieces or even fully coloured details. All I really, truly want at the end of the day is enough skill to be able to draw my dorky headcanons for the fandoms I like and also be able to draw the original characters I write about in their equally dorky scenarios. I want to be able to bring my characters to life just a little bit more by finally being able to represent them fully to people. As such, these will be my adventures into the scary world of beginner’s art and working to come out on the other side with fun designs to bring my characters to life!

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1artsandcraftsAdventures in Art & Craftsarchive

Like any kid growing up, I loved being at to paste and colour things and make animals like cranes out of nothing but paper. This is a very wide category for me but it’s basically the continued indulgence of making things with my own two hands. I want to learn how to sew, build things and really let my creativity soar! This will be my adventure into letting my inner kid out again and seeing just what she has been dying to do!

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1videogamesAdventures in Video Gamesarchive

Like most nerds, I have a vast love for playing video games. I usually favour RPGs because I like being immersed in brand new worlds that have nothing to do with ordinary life. Despite my love for them, as I write this, I can think of only a handful of games that I have ever actually completed and that, to me, is just sad. I know I am missing out on what makes some of these games great because I quit while I was ahead. As such, it is my goal to continue my adventures into the video gaming world and finally see about wrapping some of these bad boys!


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