Weekly Update: 002

0randombabbleWow, I fell off the earth there, huh? So much for weekly updates two months later. Ahh, well. I am back now and that’s what matters, right? I have a good reason for my absence though! I recently got a new puppy named Mochi (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) and puppies, much like toddlers, require constant supervision. So I haven’t been able to get on the computer because I’ve been incapable of sitting down for longer than five seconds before she tries to eat something. At four months old now, she isn’t as bad but she’s still a bit of a tiny terror. She’s cute, though. Very cute. I love her to bits.


Anyway, her cuteness aside, I have been extremely unmotivated and I hate it. I feel like I am constantly tired and worn and it takes so much effort to even sit up and do anything other than work, walk dogs and eat. As such, I don’t have that much to report for this week but I need to do something otherwise I feel like I am gonna shrivel up.


1japaneseIn the world of my studying, I have actually gotten back into it. I only study once a week, for an hour, but that’s still better than the three month break I took where I wasn’t learning anything. Currently, I am busy reviewing and trying to perfect what I have already learned. I’ve taught myself how to introduce myself and others properly and I can now proudly boast that I can count from 1-100 in Japanese! Naturally, it requires moments of pause between numbers and I can’t speed through it like in English and French but that’s of little concern. the fact of the matter is that I can do it and I couldn’t before. Numbers are my absolute weakness when it comes to Japanese and it’s definitely going to have to be a subject I practice a little more! I do hope that I can continue to improve, though. I really would love to be fluent in it one day.


1videogamesI have actually been playing more video games lately and, for me, that means at least a couple times a week. I can happily say I have finished Tales of Zestiria (although not 100% trophy completion) and have recently been playing a ton of Fire Emblem: Birthright. I still haven’t played the other parts yet but I hope to in the future! I’ve been trying to improve on shooting games as well, playing a little more Destiny here and there and I finally installed The Evil Within so hopefully I can finally get past the damn tutorial fight (。•́︿•̀。) Yeah. I am that bad at shooter games. I wasn’t being cute about it. I’ve started replaying Tales of Xillia 2 with my roommate again and we are officially past where we were the first time. I forgot how much I love these damn characters, man. Ludger is growing on me as well this playthrough. I was neutral about him before but, man, he’s weirdly charming in his quiet nature. Damn Tales series and their onslaught of fabulous characters.


1readingI haven’t been reading as much as I want to but! I am happy to announce that I am very nearly almost caught up with One Piece. This is a fucking feat, considering not only how long this series is but how often it still updates and how many times I have put it down and given up for a while. I’m only about 60 chapters away from being caught up with it and I am pretty darn excited about that! Other than that, I got a lovely second hand copy of the Hobbit for Christmas that I am still hoping to crack open and I still want to work toward my goal of reading all my current manga collection.


And, honestly, I think that about covers things worth mentioning! I really haven’t been doing much other than self loathing over my lack of activity lately. Hopefully now that I am not a full time puppy babysitter, I can actively work on completing more things!

— ☆ Emrys


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