Goal Update: Starting Fresh from Starting Over

1webdesignSo two months after making my list of website projects I had planned to do….. I’ve decided to scrap basically the entire list. Unfortunately, a lot of those subjects, I just don’t have the drive for anymore and I can’t stand seeing them neglected and losing what drive I do have to work on other projects out of guilt. This blog is supposed to be for motivation, right? So I need to keep myself motivated! Keep what I need and leave behind the excess! (/^▽^)/

I threw them all into a folder, however, in case in the future I find the energy to actually complete them! Half of them were already started and I don’t have the heart to completely erase them! (。•́︿•̀。)

So here is my new list of projects I am workin on right now and wish to complete! I decided to focus my energy into the Dynamic Duo challenge over at the Amassment forums! I am currently super into sports anime and this challenge presents me a perfect opportunity to make some sites! Sports anime is so full of important duos, both on and off the court/field and I feel like this challenge is my opportunity to really flesh out a subject I’ve fallen in love with!

Full Shrine

  • Haikyuu!! – Hinata Shouyou

I plan to make this a large, extensive shrines and so it will take quite a while but I really hope to be able to do Hinata justice and I am excited to finally make a full and proper tribute!!

OPS (One Page Shrines)

  • Kuroko no Basket – Kise Ryouta & Kasamatsu Yukio

Individual tributes. They’re such an important duo to me and I have been wanting to do something for them so it’s the perfect opportunity! I’m already about halfway through Kise’s and I am excited to do something for Kasamatsu-senpai~~

That’s it for now. I am trying not to overwhelm myself this time around! So I am going to focus on a couple things only and finish them before I decide to do anything else!

Wish me luck (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

— ☆ Emrys


One thought on “Goal Update: Starting Fresh from Starting Over

  1. Yatta, Emrys~! You probably already know, but I am very excited for your tributes! 🙂

    In a way, we our kind of like our sports mcs with our pursuits changing goals ❤
    We'll just have a fun and hard time doing it. But, we will make it to Koshien, I promise~~~!


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