Goal Update: Playing the Grammar Game

While registering for my next Japanese class, I did the usual and bought more resource books. I have a problem. When I see books I want, I simply can’t resist buying them. In this case, I saw this little gem and realized that out of all the books on Japanese that I have, I had yet to pick up anything specifically dedicated to grammar.

When it comes to learning languages, grammar is my worst enemy. English is my first language and I still don’t have a proper grasp on this language. I make up my own rules. On the one hand, it’s awesome because I can get my point across and not give a damn about the details. On the other hand, it is a curse that follows me around when I try to dip into other languages. It becomes less “oh so that’s how you would say that” and more “so how can I say that without using that?”. Like I said, a curse.

So imagine my surprise when I started reading through this and actually fucking learned something (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و Particularly the pages that help spell out the exact uses for particles. Particles seem to be a particularly hard part for me to grasp but something that I always encounter when I am trying to decipher hiragana and other texts. This book made it easier to understand the differences and helped put them into a context I could understand from an English-speaking stand point. It uses terminology that I am familiar with but also very clearly spells out the difference between the languages. It says things like most closely translates to or gives a direct, situational example to help you get an idea of what context said particle would be used in.

I mean, there are way more particles than I had originally thought but I think thanks to this little book, I will have an easier time understanding them and telling them apart. The idea of using certain particles in different parts of the sentence and changing the entire tone of the sentence is a really cool feature of Japanese and one I cannot wait to explore more.

Now if only learning the verbs could be this simple 。゜(`Д´)゜。

— ☆ Emrys