Goal Update: Counterfeit Love

1webdesignI am really bad at doing my goals in the order that I originally set myself out for D| Truly, truly awful. I promised myself that I would update the sites that I currently have running right now before I go ahead and start on anything do and what does Emrys do? That’s right. Create an entirely new website. Well, I am a bit annoyed at myself but considering it came out really well, I can’t be too upset. I am very proud of it! I said I would try to lean away from the grey/bright colour scheme but its just so aesthetically pleasing! I can’t resist

Counterfeit Love: a dating sim directory

Well, here it is! I had originally wanted to make a small, one page sort of directory for when I did the Valentine’s Day challenge with my buddies– oh my god, I never affiliated with those in the end, did I? GOD I SUCK AT THIS. Okay, well, the point is that originally I just wanted a small site to link them all too but instead it blew up into a full directory, complete with join form and categories so plenty of people can add their future otome/bishoujo/yuri/yaoi dating sim tributes 😀

— ☆ Emrys


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