Startling Line: Web Design (Main Sites)

1webdesignWeb design had been a huge source of distraction for me for a great many years. Whenever anything wasn’t going right in life, I turned to coding and web design. The world just seemed much easier when trying to decide if 20% or 23% of transparency looked better or which code was better to use for that particular layout. I used to thrive in the hobby, pumping out website after website, stuffing things full of graphics and content and took great pride in finally being able to say a website was complete.

Things, however, have a habit of changing. My descent out of the hobby was a very slow burn but it was a burn nonetheless. Soon, websites would go months without being updated, I closed many websites from my severe neglect, let a couple domains die and the emails in my website account just piled up by the day. I just couldn’t find the drive to push myself anymore. My depression had taken my creativity from me and even during the good days, I couldn’t muster up the courage to go out and finish what I had started.

This is why things need to change and what better place to start than with the websites I already have.

Bad Ass Bitches: a female character directory –

  • Layout change (seriously, it’s the same one since you opened the site and stop using the grey/bright colour gradient)
  • Check, e-mail and possibly delete dead links
  • Re-organize lists if required
  • Add Monthly Challenge to navigation
  • Really promote the monthly challenge
  • Check e-mail and process forms weekly

Drunk Bitch Network: network website for all my projects –

  • Update/re-code navigation
  • Organize pages to be less messy and out of date
  • – make it a separate layout, you lazy ass
  • – some buttons too, for that matter!
  • Make more/better codes
  • Add affiliates – you’re so out of touch
  • Maybe add a page to list where I can be found on other social medias

OPS: subdomain for all one page shrines –

  • Honestly, I don’t have any complaints about this little directory itself. I still like the layout, I think it’s well organized for its purpose and it doesn’t exactly need buttons because it’s more just for my own personal use anyway

Potential Future Projects (as in after I get all this shiz done)

  • – a directory for dating sim-related websites
  • – a blog/website for my ball jointed doll characters
  • honestly, I would love to do a sports anime-related directory too but idk many people who are into sports anime that also make websites jhdgda
  • a personal writing website for my stories and fanfiction

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