Starting Line: Arts & Crafts

1artsandcraftsIt’s hard to distinguish a starting line when it comes to arts and crafts since this is essentially just a hobby that you do when the moment strikes you and the supplies are on hand. I guess the best would be to just show myself some examples of where I am at and see if maybe they can be improved upon. Maybe some small goals too…

Can people even have arts and crafts goals?

Quick Goals

  • Learn to use sewing machine
  • Actually use sewing machine
  • Learn to make better jewellery
  • Improve embroidery skills

Here are some quick little projects that I have done in the past or recently.






  • Currently use clear, stretchy elastic string
  • Kind of just slap together whatever I think looks good
  • Mainly made specifically for BJDs (probably will continue as such)


  • Use embroidery floss
  • Only use backstitch or crossstitch
  • Just practising on burlap material
  • Simple designs by eye/imagination


  • All hand sewing
  • Mainly use the backstitch
  • Guess sizes/measurements – sadly, this always works out
  • Actually try to measure and create from pattern – NEVER FUCKING WORKS, UGH
  • Currently have no official material but TONS of practice material

General Crafting

  • Got a hot glue gun and my wits
  • Box of misc. items to hopefully use for creations in the future

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