In the beginning…

0randombabbleSo this is where it all starts, huh? This blog you’ve created to motivate yourself. Well, here is hoping that it turns out to be everything that you wanted out of it. Only time will tell, right?

Guess I should see about making a list about where I am at. Honestly, I have a lot of goals. A whole lot of goals that have built up over the years that have either been put completely on the back burner or every time I make the attempt, I wind up going, “…. nah. Maybe tomorrow.”

Well, no more! It starts with this blog. Time to stop biting your nails, Emrys, and time to start working. No more staring at ceilings or simply plopping down in front of Netflix because you want to relax. You’ve done that already – you’ve met your quota. There isn’t anything wrong with taking a break and enjoying yourself but maybe try doing that after you’ve felt like you’ve accomplished something. Whether that is doing the chore you set out to do that day or studying or maybe finally reading that book you’ve been telling yourself to finish all these years, do it.

Whatever it is, do it.


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