Starting Line: Web Design (Mirrored)

Mirrored: a Tales of the Abyss tribute –

Under the cut may contain spoilers. Proceed with caution.

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Startling Line: Web Design (Main Sites)

1webdesignWeb design had been a huge source of distraction for me for a great many years. Whenever anything wasn’t going right in life, I turned to coding and web design. The world just seemed much easier when trying to decide if 20% or 23% of transparency looked better or which code was better to use for that particular layout. I used to thrive in the hobby, pumping out website after website, stuffing things full of graphics and content and took great pride in finally being able to say a website was complete.

Things, however, have a habit of changing. My descent out of the hobby was a very slow burn but it was a burn nonetheless. Soon, websites would go months without being updated, I closed many websites from my severe neglect, let a couple domains die and the emails in my website account just piled up by the day. I just couldn’t find the drive to push myself anymore. My depression had taken my creativity from me and even during the good days, I couldn’t muster up the courage to go out and finish what I had started.

This is why things need to change and what better place to start than with the websites I already have.

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Starting Line: Drawing

1drawingIt has always been a huge want of mine to learn how to draw but it’s only been recently that I have actively been trying to improve! Honestly, all I want is enough skill to be able to draw dorky headcanons and my own characters. I’m not looking for grand masterpieces or even art good enough to sell. I like the aesthetic of doodles and having animated characters with minimal flourishes.

So here are some examples from way back to more current so that I can hopefully gander back and see that progress actually does happen!

Fingers crossed.

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Starting Line: Arts & Crafts

1artsandcraftsIt’s hard to distinguish a starting line when it comes to arts and crafts since this is essentially just a hobby that you do when the moment strikes you and the supplies are on hand. I guess the best would be to just show myself some examples of where I am at and see if maybe they can be improved upon. Maybe some small goals too…

Can people even have arts and crafts goals?

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Starting Line: Video Games

1videogamesIn the world of gaming, I would not personally consider myself a big gamer for the sole reason that I play video games but never complete them. I have so many on the go or I already know how they end so I never go through with finishing the ones I have started. This needs to change. I want to finally be able to start marking off the games that I have started as complete and I want to really be able to finally have discussions with folks about the gameplay and how much I did/didn’t enjoy it.

As such, I will need a list of where I am in at terms of games that I currently own and have completed/are in progress. This is going to get so ridiculous…

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